Why does the very first test say 82%?

All you do is write World! Doesn’t make me confident about this website.

Hi @SamsSams, we can’t tell much without seeing your code.
In the lesson there is a Get Help --> Ask For Help button you can click on. When you do so it will copy your code and other pertinent info and give you a chance to ask your question. It will also post to the correct forum, in this case HTML-CSS.

the percentage that appear in the modal
after you press “Run tests” is your progress in the section, if it’s 82% you already did part of that section previously

there aren’t other percentages shown anywhere

Hello, Sam.

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Here is a snapshot of my page, when I do the challenge you are talking about:

Mine says 100% because I have already completed all of the first section.

could you go to the curriculum, and go to check how many challenges of the section you are doing show as completed?