Why doesnt the JavaScript Console print that?

Here is the code;

function testLogicalAnd(val) {
if (val <=50 && val >=25) {
return “Yes”;
return “No”;

Why is it not excuting it, everything seems in order?

Why do you think, that your code isn’t executing?

Because it didn’t.

If it did I would see a Yes or a No on the console but it was just blank.

I can’t see any line of code that says “print/log something to the console”.


Thank You!

That was it, was a console log issue :smiley:

there is some problem with the double quotes (inverted pair) u are using. Use the normal quotes.

What does that mean

You can delete it, Miku has been more than helpful so no need to keep this.

Well, the previous post is sort of right, you can’t use “No” when you write code, you need "No" - but that is an issue of you not formatting the code when posted here
To format your code when you post here, select your code and press the preformatted text (</>) button in the code editor so that you can have backticks surrounding your code, and it will be easier to read