Why doesn't this forum support downvoting?

Is there any way this forum could support down voting? Could it be updated? Is this because flags are a replacement?

If you believe that a post violates the Code of Conduct or interferes with the community, please flag it.

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Flags are not a replacement for downvoting. We only have “likes” here, because we want to support a positive forum environment. If you have something you want to downvote, then it is best to not do anything at all.

Flags should only be used to mark SPAM, off-topic posts, or anything that violates the Code of Conduct (as @ArielLeslie) pointed out above.

What were you wanting to use a downvote for anyway?

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There is sometimes occurrences where you would want to mark a post as unhelpful. I was just wondering because most forums have flagging and down voting.

That isn’t the type of community that FCC aims to build. If a response is “unhelpful” because it is rude or unkind, then it may be something that should be flagged so that the moderators can see if the user engages in abusive behavior. I do suggest giving people the benefit of the doubt. We have users from many cultures and with varying levels of comfort using English. If a response was intended to help but just didn’t help you, downvoting doesn’t do anything but discourage people from trying to help. If a response is unhelpful because it’s off-topic, please flag it.