Why else is not working

Hi. Why “else”, where function is calling isn’t work when I enter correct a and b? And 2nd question is how to make such action shorter?

‘use strict’;

let a = prompt(“Your name?”,’’),
b = prompt(“yor age?”,’’);

function user(name,age){
alert('Имя пользователя: ’ + name);
alert('Возраст: '+ age);

if ((a || b == null)||(a && b==null)||(a || b == ‘’)||(a && b==’’))
alert(‘Not Correct!’);
} else {



Quotes in your code look wrongly placed…

In repl i got some issues with quotations, so that might cause additional problem for you.

Beside that… You dont need all of those checking in your if statement.

if (!a || !b) would do the job. It checks if either input of a was falsy or input of b was falsy and alerts Not correct.

There is code with console logs instead of alerts:

let a = prompt("Your name?",""),
b = prompt("yor age?",);

function user(name,age){
  console.log('Имя пользователя:' + name);
  console.log('Возраст: '+ age);

if (!a || !b) {
  console.log("Wrong input")
} else {
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((a || b == null)||(a && b==null)||(a || b == ‘’)||(a && b==’’))

The above is your problem. You can’t do combined conditional evaluations like that. This conditional translates to:

  • a is truthy OR b is equal to null
  • a is truthy AND b is equal to null
  • a is truthy AND b is an empty string

Thanks for answer, “!” is working, but I want to understand, what is wrong in my “if”?

so i need to combine (a||b)?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve.
(a || b) is “If a is truthy OR b is truthy.”

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