Why error is generate but code is correct

What is my correction in my code…?
Error is :- The div element with class cyan should have a background-color of cyan.

See below my code.


  body {

    background-color: #FFFFFF;


  .green {

    background-color: hsl(120, 100%, 50%);


  .cyan {

    background-color:hsl(180, 100%, 50%);


  .blue {

    background-color: hsl(240, 100%, 50%);


  div {

    display: inline-block;

    height: 100px;

    width: 100px;



<div class="green"></div>

<div class="cyan"></div>

<div class="blue"></div>

Your code works for me. Are you using a browser extension, such as a dark mode extension, that changes your CSS?

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