Why excluding 7, 8 ,9

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In this challenge, I checked hint (solution1).
why are we excluding 7, 8, and 9 from the case
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var count = 0;

function cc(card) {
// Only change code below this line

return "Change Me";
// Only change code above this line

cc(2); cc(3); cc(7); cc('K'); cc('A');
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Challenge: Counting Cards

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because 7,8,9 do not affect the count in any way, so including code to account for those numbers would just be redundant code.

Count Change is 0 for cards 7, 8 and 9.

So, in our switch statement adding cases for these cards will not the change the value of the count variable since adding or subtracting zero from a number will give you the exact same number.

The value of the count variable is only changing for the cards with +1 or -1 Count Change.

That’s why, we can discard these cases from our switch statement.

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