Why FCC camper profile is separate from forum profile?

I see that FreecodeCamp and FreeCodeCamp forum are totally separate entities.
If I’m logged in to Forum I need to login to main FCC site separately. Plus a users camper profile and forum profile are also separate and don’t even link to each other.
I don’t know about guide’s scenario.

You are correct that FCC profiles and forum profiles are not linked, although you could add a link to your FCC profile in your forum profile. The guide does not have accounts associated with it.

Yes @ArielLeslie, but merging logins ,usernames, even profiles or at least hard coding links to vice versa will make
things more reasonable. Can I please know why two domains don’t speak to each other.
Yes Custom link can be added. But that can not be understood for being link to other FCC profile that link is treated as general link.

Like these twitter , github and linkedin links are more self-explanatory, require less attention , one knows what she/he is about to visit before clicking .


If you would like to suggest that FCC add the option to link a forum account to FCC accounts, you can make the suggestion in the form of a GitHub Issue. The two accounts would still be independent just as your GitHub, LinkedIn, etc are independent of FCC.