Why FreeCodeCamp doesn't have any progress bar for student?

Hello Everyone,

I’m newbie here, and I really love your website, it makes lazy people like me can learn to code easily.

Just one small question, why doesn’t FreeCodeCamp have any progress bar so any student can see how many lesson he/she passed and how many remaining ?

I have to keep F5 this page https://learn.freecodecamp.org/ to see what I have passsed,

Thanks for reading, and sorry for my bad English,

it is because no challenge is mandatory, the only mandatory things are the projects at the end of each certificate

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Not all challenges are created equal. Some are small little examples to show you some new terminology. Some are difficult logic problems. Some are projects that you can spend hours, days, or weeks on.

I mean something like this :

a sidebar that allows students know what they finished and what remaining,

The curriculum page shows you the list of challenges in a section and puts check marks next to them as you progress.

Yes I know about that page, and I have to keep it on another tab, refresh it a lot of time to see what I have done,