Why freeCodeCamp isn't making courses on Web3?

I have been thinking this for quite some time but why freeCodeCamp isn’t making new courses and certificates especially on Web3 topics. I know there are some video content on their YouTube channel but they’re without the certificates which provided here on there platform and in short it’s encouraging.

kindly let me know.

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They are!

However, it’s worth keeping in mind it takes a lot of effort and work to build out the curriculum even with a large donation.

Anything tech means consistent change, web3 is no different, but since it’s a lot newer things are changing very fast. So it might take even more time to stabilize the curriculum.

In the mean time “Web 2” isn’t going anywhere, and going through the pre-existing curriculum should get anyone up to speed on where things are now. Web 3 may or may not be the future, but even if it is the future it promises to be, Web 2 wont die overnight.


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