Why Github Authentication?

I’m trying to understand the application architecture for backend projects…ex. timestamp microservice. What is the purpose for github authentication? Does this mean that only github users may access the application?

I didn’t use authentication for any of the backend APIs, but it is used heavily for the full-stack projects.


Some tools for web devs use Github authentication because it’s widely used in the community, almost any coder has a GH account nowadays and it doesn’t take much to create one.

It means the app or site requires you to register an account via OAUTH2 using either their database for storing user/password/email or the facility to just associate an external provider like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github with a local account so when you use it, you’re logged in without having to type your password or username; but of course, you are stored in their user database, it’s just that you are using a secure way to log in which is OAUTH, if someone hacks the site or app they can’t see your Github password.

Only use OAUTH providers when you’re building large apps with user accounts, microservices can have “token authorization”, especially backend REST APIs but for FCC’s microservice basejumps you don’t need to implement them.