Why HTML value attribute text is shouldn't be same as label text(type text)?

Im learning HTML , and i’m having a small doubt on this topic

Why this code is reflecting error on my fcc test :

<label for="indoor"> 
  <input id="indoor" value="Indoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor">Indoor 

But I also figured out if i changed value attribute text “Indoor” into “indoor” the test got passed. But I"m really curious to know why?? capital letter “I” didn’t worked but small letter “i” helped me pass this topic. But what is the answer of this. Why this value attribute text should be in small letter? can anyone please answer this question.

I have came across spelling as such. while doing FCC you should pay attention to the spelling ( including capital letters and small letters) of the syntax as well as regular texts. Otherwise you may not get the desirable outcome.
If you are uncertain about this particular task, try in on the visual studio code or code pen and check if you get the result or not.

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Ok I’ll try it, thank you