Why i get 60% when i submit my challange

Tell us what’s happening:
When i try to run the test on codePen for the challange i get 100%, but when i subbmit on the challange i get 60%, but i’ve done all of the tasks
my codePen: https://codepen.io/szekelyzsolt/pen/XWNJzaG
Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

Link to the challenge:

Are you submitting it in the right place? The text above says that you are submitting it at:

Challenge: Build a JavaScript Calculator

The link you give is to a drum machine.

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Hi @zsoltszekely9 !

Also it should say 80% instead of 100% for the submission because you haven’t done the last project yet.

Sorry, abbout that, i was trying to submit for the Drum challange, i just messed up when i posted this topic

Do you mean this percentage:

The percentage that shows after you submit a solution is the percentage of that freeCodeCamp course that you have completed.