Why I started coding!

Hi campers,
I am a 16 year old boy ,from the U.K, called Billy. I just left school last July and I really needed something to do come September. Unfortunately due to an ongoing health condition, CFS, which I developed last November. I cannot attend a regular college or sixth form as it is to stressful for my body to cope with and I end up becoming really ill. Then last week when I was looking for ways I could teach myself to code, I found FreeCodeCamp. I was almost immediately glued to the site, each day wishing to further extend my knowledge and learn more and more about how coding works. So I have only completed the “Html and CSS” and the “Responsive design with bootstrap” courses, but I have already learnt so much. In a world where almost everything now is powered by technology we need more programmers so I am setting out to finish all of the courses on this site so I can claim my certificate at the end as well as it being education that I can do from home so I do not have to worry about the stressful environment of a college, therefore my health condition will not deteriorate and will hopefully become better with time.

Thanks for all the help fellow campers,
Kind regards Billy Godding.


Hi, since you already discovered the forum, feel free to ask any question you will have. Best of luck with coding and I hope you get well soon!

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FCC is a great organization and I think you’ll find that not only does it have great content and instructional format, it’s also has a vibrant and collaborative community. As @BenGitter noted don’t hesitate to ask for help and to give help. Good luck on your journey!

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