Why I'm stuck in JavaScript learning although I'm an old programmer?

Hi, I need your advice please.

I’m a vb .net programmer since 1999 and I decided to learn JS because vb. net has been died as may you know.

This’s the 6th month of hard JS learning (10+ hours a day) and I still stuck with zero progress… I can’t even make a calendar app.

That’s really so bad.

When I coding vb .net I see myself as a hero, I don’t need to remember or thinking about anything, I coding from my sub-conscious mind, like when you drive your car you don’t need to think… you doing everything spontaneously.

Also I already have many vb .net desktop software in accounting, ERP, office, internet tools and many more.

I said this to let you know that I really have a high knowledge in programming so:

WHY I couldn’t learn JavaScript?

Is there anyone has been stuck for a while? Please tell me what should I do

I don’t need courses! I’ve read and practiced all courses on Freecodecamp, Udemy, Mozilla, Scrimba, Codecademy and so many more with hundreds of YouTube videos.

Finally: may you’re saying now: you’re stupid!! Answer: I’m really not, I have a strong memory, 22 years of coding complex apps and a high passion for coding

WHY I couldn’t learn JavaScript?


Really? You don’t know anything about JS? You don’t know how to declare a variable or create a simple loop? I think maybe you might be exaggerating just a little :slight_smile:

Have you tried to build any projects? I’m assuming you made some progress on them. Perhaps you could make them publicly available and then give us a link to them and we could take a look. Better yet, maybe you have questions about issues you are having with them.


It seems like you’ve got a good knowledge of object oriented coding & javascript syntax. The next step is to create a project like the calendar app you mentioned. Learning by making your own projects and debugging issues is really effective IMO. Perhaps you could try to finish the calendar app project and research/ask for help on specific problems you come across. It also helps a lot if you can use dev-tools for debugging so I would recommend learning that. It makes coding very hard if you don’t have a good method for debugging. Hope that helps!

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Yeah, JS is weird. I was an old part-time C programmer from long ago. I don’t think I struggled with JS as much as you described, but I definitely had some difficult spots. There were definitely times where my C experience helped me, and there were definitely times where my brain had trouble wrapping itself around the differences. And JS is definitely a weird language in some respects.

I’m not sure what you are looking for here. I would recommend asking specific questions about difficulties you are having. The more specific the question, the better the answers you’ll get. There are a lot of people here who will be happy to help you through some difficult patches. And with time, you’ll get to return the favor.

I would also add that if you can’t build a calendar yet, then you are not there. Can you build a todo list? Can you do fizzbuzz? What is the “easiest” JS where you start to run into trouble? Let’s start there.

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You are very general in your explanation and its not possible to tell, where you actually fail with JS. Its obvious you are an experienced programmer, altho in a different field. You used to complete very complex projects. Maybe your expectations exceed your current ability regardign JS. Start small, see where things go messed for you. Completing projects is the best apporach, after you’ve done various courses online, including FCC. Looking online whenever you face a problem is also important, i suppose you already know it by experience.
I am currently following 40 JavaScript Projects for Beginners – Easy Ideas to Get Started Coding JS and i strongly advise you to do as well. Its a handful of projects, shown step by step, going from simple to more advanced, covering basic JS topics to advanced technologies. There you can see solutions for simple things and once you are comfortable with those, you move further.
ALthought i compelted many projects with FCC curriculum, i felt im missing something, when it came to start my own project. I already did half the project guides from the link above, including several simple games and with that exercise i was able to finish my first self-driven project, a slightly more advanced game and im really happy with the result. Right now im reviewing React and i cant wait to start my next project using that technology.


Hi @aus2022 !

Welcome to the forum!

We have all been there.
leaping from course to course.
JavaScript is weird.

I also agree that you should follow along with that article.
(And no I am not just saying that because I wrote the article :laughing:)

I think starting off with small projects that are under 20 lines of code and then building on complexity from there would be a good start.

I think once have built a few projects, you will start to feel more comfortable with javascript.

Hope that helps!


I’ve got you beat by nearly twenty years dev, and i can tell you it is a challenge. But it seems to be confusing two points: the mechanicals of the language, and the patterns of the applications.

You have built applications, from the sound of it, and successful ones. The applications built in javascript are exactly the same, with the limitations of running in a confined sandbox.

But an accounting app? Works the same whether working in a browser or working as a standalone vb. Granted, rather than talking to a local storage location you’re talking to a server…the pattern backing the apps are inherently the same.

I find i do best if plan out what i want first, much like designing a vb interface, first. Leave the language and implementation out, and design an interface. In this, js and vb are very similar - both are event driven, and both work best from an interface.

One older dev to another, it is a challenge. From experience, you can surmount this.

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Thanks bbsmooth

May I didn’t described my issue well, yes I know fundamentals and maybe more, also I made simple apps like calendar and also crud apps but with a lot of googling

I mean: I couldn’t made any simple app from my memory.

with any block of coding I need to go to stackoverflow or google: How to make select case (switch), how to fetch data from server, how to read json …etc.

however, I got a new simple strategy from your replies detailed below.

Thank you all for your replies, I’m really feeling better now especially with a similar situation with @kevinSmith and the old warrior @snowmonkey :ok_man:
Your replies opened my eye about my mistake, I just wasn’t started with the right way.
I learned JS fundamentals for 2-3 months then I moved to React and Material-ui for frontend, Node + Express for the backend.
I wanted to learn everything at the same, this wasn’t very smart :upside_down_face: ha!
Can you imagine that I tried to build a social app before a month!? Not JS is weird but me.

I’ll practice and practice more with simple apps as Sylvant said with jwilkins.oboe article.

I’m so excited to come back here 6 months later to thank you again as a full stack developer!
Hope you all the best! Appreciated.


Allow me to let you in on a very big secret: Everyone does this. I don’t use the switch statement that much so when I decide it is the best option I usually have to google it real quick just to make sure I get the syntax correct. Unless you have some sort of super photographic memory you will be googling this stuff all the time. The important thing is you know that the switch statement exists and what it does and when it is appropriate to use it.


being able to work by memory, without using external sources, can be an assessment for experience, but not a measure of how well you can write your apps. You had vast experience in the past with another language and naturally you knew by heart all methods and documentation. With JS you are yet to gain that experience, but thats really not an issue. The main thing is you are aware of JS methods and are able to use them when they are most fitting and overall be able to design your apps well. Making the proper syntax can be easily looked up and there is no shame in that. You should dismiss it from your system as a standard and expectation, a measure of your abilities as a programmer. Its something that comes in time and shouldnt be something that you put in your priority list. Using external sources is programmers daily life. Being able to use them is what can make a programmer better.

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