Why is computerChoice coming back as undefined in the console.log???

console.log("Let the games begin!");

var wins = 0; var ties = 0; var losses = 0;

function startGame() { var userChoice = prompt("Rock, Paper, or Scissors to play against the computer!");

console.log("You've made your choice!", userChoice);

var options = ["Rock", "Paper", "Scissors"];

var ranDecimal = Math.floor(Math.random) * options.length;

var ranInt = Math.floor(ranDecimal);

var computerChoice = options[ranInt];

console.log("Computer Has Chosen ", computerChoice);

if (userChoice === computerChoice){ alert("tie game") ties++; } else if ( (userChoice==="Rock" && computerChoice==="Scissors") || (userChoice==="Paper" && computerChoice==="Rock") ||
(userChoice==="Scissors" && computerChoice==="Paper") ){ alert("You won the game"); wins++;
} else { alert("You Lost the Game!") losses++; }

alert("total: ",+ "wins: "+ wins,+"ties: ",+ ties,+ "losses: ",+ losses);

var playAgain = confirm("play again??"); if (playAgain) { startGame(); } }


I got this,…

Your code above has syntax errors you need to fix first. If I comment out the section with the syntax error, then I get the undefined for computerChoice.

The line causing the issue is:

var ranDecimal = Math.floor(Math.random) * options.length;

Add a console.log(ranDecimal) to check ranDecimal’s value.

looks typo Math.random should be Math.random() and you want to get floor value after multiply it to optons.length, otherwise it will be always 0.

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