Why is Enterprise Software so bad?

Hi CodeCampers,
I work in the Pharmaceutical Research sector, so I have a Science background, but have had a long interest in coding and I’m trying to actual learn enough to be useful. My motivation is that most of the enterprise software I encounter at my job is really terrible, from a user perspective. I wondering if anyone has any insight into why?

I’m working in a highly regulated environment, so I’m assuming its partly because more resources go towards validating the software rather than making it work smoothly. And I guess in the enterprise sector you are selling features to a company rather than trying to maximise app store downloads by individual consumers, so maybe that tilts the scales as well.

And it’s possible that there is good enterprise software out there, but my company isn’t paying for it…

It just always feels like the developers used the first solution to any problem that got the right answer, regardless of whether it was clunky, or slow.

There’s this one inventory management system, where every time you navigate to a different level of detail, it opens a new sub-pane within the web app. So if you are just surfing around, you end up with dozens of ‘windows’, except then aren’t actually browser tabs or anything so you have to close them one by one.

What gives?

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Our UX person recommends the book The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity to answer this question.