Why is Forum Dark Theme no longer working?

It was working yesterday - not working today.

The forum was updated yesterday. It appears that the dark theme is borked in that update.

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argh… so much white - my poor eyes

I was just searching for this topic, I knew (hoped) it wasn’t something on my side

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It was black by default for me now white?


yes, it got messed up in last update, I’m sure it will return. To avoid having many threads around about this I am going to merge this in the already existing topic in the #support category, just to tidy up a bit

I was greeted with the broken dark-theme as well and opened an issue here earlier today.

Just now saw this thread. Hope that this is fixed soon.

Just got this fixed.

I moved the custom styles to a git repo this morning and aparently the export and the import did break for one hex code.

Sorry about the inconvenience. Thanks for reporting.


Do you have any idea when this rolls out? Nothing is working yet.

You just need to switch back to the dark theme in the drop-down menu.


Also a ‘hard refresh’ if you are already on the dark theme, will load the fixed styles.

macOS: Cmd + Shift + R
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