Why is it not entering my brain

I don’t get it,I have solving challenges,I practice but when it is time to use I don’t remember anything.I am in Javascript now.Should I proceed or so I stop for now?What do you think?

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Learning takes a long time. It’s normal to need to check your notes or look things up and to try and fail as part of the process of figuring things out.


I assume you are trying to learn tons of things at the same time. You will think it’s sticking to your brain until you need to solve another problem of similar type.

My advice: try to go really slowly. Try to re-solve challenges you once solved after a few days. And by the time you realise it, it would have become a second nature to you.

Happy coding!

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You are right samolex,I have been learning too many things at a time not just coding.(I am a payed time illustrator,I am a piano tutor and I still code)I don’t want to drop any.I just love doing them all.I am fond of putting to many things at the same time and suceeding.But I found out that when I learn too many things I end up learning nothing.Thanks for the advice.

Same used to happen to me too. Now I remember more stuff, enough to feel I can figure out how to build something or at least feel able to know where to start researching. It all started to get better when I started working on complete real world projects. Isolated exercises helped me understand but only full projects helped me remember and also understand things in a deeper way and how they relate to other things.

I am a musician, too. IMO, “muscle-memory” is your friend. Type everything out and do it more than once, in more than one context. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve typed out document.getElementById(“something”). :slight_smile:

I do that a lot but I end up memorizing them,when I type up to five codes to remember I end up mixing them up.

Thanks for all the advice,I will put those into practice.

Don’t try to remember five things at once then :slight_smile: