Why is my a tag( Anchor tag) not black when i indicated black as value

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My anchor is not converting to black when i have indicated my anchor value to be black.

why is not not black?

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  color: black;

a:hover {
color: blue;

<a href="https://freecatphotoapp.com/" target="_blank">CatPhotoApp</a>
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Challenge: Adjust the Hover State of an Anchor Tag

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Hi @olaoluwauaina !

You need to get rid of the colon here

You should only use the colon with the hover.


I would also advise against messing with the styling of links too much. How they work is part of the language of the web. It would be like if you came to a town where traffic lights, instead of three lights in a vertical line, were five lights or orange, purple, blue, white, and UV in a circle.

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There’s an unnecessary colon. Remove it.

From what I’ve learned colons are used for pseudo-classes on an element (unless I’m missing something)

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