Why is my CSS font choice not working?

Hi, I’m trying to do a tribute page as part of my final project for the Responsive HTML and CSS Design course. I ran into a little problem that I can’t seem to be able to find the source of while creating the website. Here, I am trying to change the font of all the text on my website to Myriad Pro Semibold, or Helvetica if the former is not installed on the computer. This works for every other piece of text instead of one, where it continues to display it in serif. For the code below, I’ve skipped the parts that I don’t think are useful to the question, but have formatted it in a way that will still be readable to anybody walking up to the post without first understanding the context.

<title>A Tribute to Steve Jobs</title>
.text {
  font-family: Myriad Pro, Helvetica;
 <p class="text" id="timeline"><div class="dates">February 24, 1955</div> Steve Jobs is born. Because of pressure from her parents, Joanne Schieble, Steve's biological parent, could not marry the man with which she was with. Without a choice, she ran off to San Francisco to have a baby, where the Jobs family was interested in adopting the newborn.<newline><div class="dates">1961</div>The Jobs move to Mountain View, California, the future home of Silicon Valley.<div class="dates">1968</div>Jobs makes his first call to Bill Hewlett. He lands an internship at the Hewlett-Packard company, owned in part by Bill, today better known as HP.<div class="dates">1970</div>Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak. Together,they would help found Apple and Wozniak, affectionately known as "Woz", would become an influential part of the companie's history.<div class="dates">April 1, 1976</div>The Apple Computer Company is founded<div class="dates">April 11, 1976</div> Apple's original computer, the Apple, is introduced. Today it is known as the Apple I, as the sequel, the Apple II, came out in <div class="dates">April 1977</div>.</p>

Can anybody help me explain the error that I made here? Or is there something wrong with CodePen? (I’ll keep searching my code for errors and come back here if I’ve found the solution.)

OK, never mind, I found the solution.