Why is my ToDo list not working?


Ive fixed up my Javascript and the codepen analysis says there’s no errors. The script should trigger a function that adds a new list item to the page after user clicks the ‘submit’ button. However, when I click the submit nothing happens. :thinking: Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first Javascript project, so Im hoping that learning what is going on with this will help me with my understanding in the future.

Ive tried figuring it out on my own, but especially after cleaning up the errors in my Javascript and console logging a few things; it seems like everything is working. Im thinking maybe there’s something not connecting between the HTML and the script event?

ok im seeing an error when I click my submit button:

TypeError: todoList.appandChild is not a function. (In ‘todoList.appandChild(todoDiv)’, ‘todoList.appandChild’ is undefined)

not sure what this means completely though.

You have a typo. Try .appendChild


WOW didn’t see that! works perfectly now thanks so much!

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Thats great, glad i could help :blush:

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