Why is my tribute page distorted in full view mode?

Hello dear friends,

I have a problem I am stuck on with. I am building my tribute page right now. I was always in editor mode and everything looked just the way I wanted it to look like. When I changed the view mode to full page, my work was completely distorted.

Here´s the link to my pen:


  1. The background image gets distorted as it spreads over the full screen in full page view.
  2. The line inbetween the two text elements becomes wider.

What do I have to do that the appearance of my page in editor mode stays the same on different screen sizes?

I would be so happy and thankful to get some help :slight_smile:

Something to do with the CSS you used!

I’m still trying to figure out the subtleties of layout, but if you do:

  background-attachment: inherit;
  background-size: 100%;

in your CSS for your div, you might get the results you’re looking for with the image.

Thank you very much for your answers! It already works a lot better now. Instead of setting a margin for my

element, I set a width to it, which keeps it the same size regardless the window size.
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