Why is part of my page indenting weirdly - Technical Documentation Page Project

Please help…I’ve looked and looked and I’m just stumped. My project passed the FCC test, but I want to understand what I did wrong on the CSS. Most of the page looks as I intended, but beginning at the “Data types” section it indents severely and breaks with the rest of the sections. I suspect it has something to do with the float property in my CSS (and maybe the two layers of unorder lists in Data types?), but I can’t figure out why. To get the Navbar on the left and the content on the right I used the float property and adjusted the width on both. If you have time to help I would appreciate it!

Link to Codepen project

Look at it with the browser’s dev tools inspector so you can see how the browser thinks your HTML is structured. Then you’ll see why this is occurring.

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You are missing a closing tag on one of your elements.

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Thank you so much! That was the problem. Here I was assuming it was the CSS. :blush:

Thank you. That makes so much sense.

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