Why is redux so hard to learn?

I’ve been learning react about a month and a half , and I started learning redux but it’s so hard , or maybe I can’t find the right course that explains it in details, idk.
Do you have any advice ?
Happy coding!

“Why is redux so hard to learn?”

Because it’s weird. It is really strange. It is a different way of thinking about data.

Do you have any advice ?

My advice would be to just stick with it. Look for any courses you can. Try to learn from as many different people as possible because they will all have different perspectives.

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thanks a lot man , I really appreciate it

I would also say that Dan Abramov (one of the creators or redux) had some interesting videos on egghead dot io. His accent can be hard to understand (if you look, some people have written out transcripts) and some of the videos don’t start exactly where the last left off (I wrote out what I think the starter code is and put it in a repo) but it’s really interesting to see how he’s thinking about it. I don’t know if I would recommend them for a beginner because I think they are a little more conceptual, but once you have a basic grasp of what redux is doing, they can be really interesting.

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