Why is Sum All Numbers in a Range Function Broken?

I’m trying to create a new array consisting of each number ranging from 0 to the maximum number within given arguments; and then log the sum of the numbers from the new array. Any pointers? Can’t figure out what’s wrong with my code.

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function sumAll(arr) {
  var newArr = [];
  var maxAmt = Math.max(arr);
  var reduceFunk = function getSum(a, b){
    return a + b;
  for(var i = 0; i <= maxAmt; i++){
      return newArr.reduce(reduceFunk, 0);


sumAll([1, 4]);

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Well, add a bunch of console.logs to see why you get 0. Since summing is hard to get wrong, it likely means you’re not generating the array properly, so it tries to sum an empty one. But why would that happen? :wink:

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maxAmt is definitely not what you think it is. You can not use Math.max with an array like you are trying to do above. Read about apply and you will understand how you could do what you want.

Also, think about the starting number of variable i in your for loop. Should it be 0 or something else?

Definitely consider putting the following console.log statement (as suggested by @lynxlynxlynx) after your for loop, so you can see what newArr looks like before the reduce part.


So put the console.logs after each line of code? I guess, I’ll experiment. Thanks a lot! :money_mouth_face:

Ok, nice, a new one. Now I am wondering if i should be arr[i]? Thanks for the help.

no need using a for loop

function sumAll(arr) {
  let [a,b] = arr.sort((a,b) => a - b);
  return ((b - a) / 2 + a ) * (b - a + 1)