Why is the basic algorithm solving section before the functional programming?

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I am having a bit of trouble knowing how to solve the algorithms and have done most of the stuff before it and then look down at the functional programming section and it seems much easier

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I think the idea is that the algorithm section really makes sure that you understand your basic JavaScript.

But you are certainly not the only person to struggle with some of the algorithms. That is completely normal. If you want, you can switch back and forth. But I would not skip algorithms forever - they can become important in many jobs and are often very important in interviews.

But don’t feel bad it they’re tough - they’re tough for a lot of us.


To followup on what else has been said, I actually did that whole section twice: Once with imperative programming (loops) and a second time with all functional programming. I like it both ways, but I agree with @kevinSmith: better to know universal basics (for loops are common across many languages) before learning some of the somewhat new hotness in Javascript.

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