Why is the example tribute page so different?

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I have looked at the edit page on the example in order to just basically “fill in the blanks” to make my tribute page like the example and therefore pass… but the example is nothing like we were taught like having a head and a body and and structure with a div or an html… we never started with an id=“main” what is that even supposed to represent? this tribute page requires us to do things that were not included but worse to forget the structure that WE DID LEARN why is this so?
Like I said i am not stuck, i am just confused as to what i am using because it goes against what i have learned here… where is the div or the html? shouldn’t that be first? or second? It seems the set-up of an HTML-5 document is totally forgotten… is this unusual?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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You don’t have to use the same implementation methods in that example. The example was created for an earlier version of freeCodeCamp and when the curriculum was updated, the project was updated to pass the new tests but wasn’t rebuilt from scratch.

The requirements of the challenges is that they fulfill the user stories listed in the description and pass the tests.

In terms of personal opinion, I think that the example project being significantly different in implementation than most students will do is a good thing because it used to be extremely common for people to just copy the example code and only changing a few things.

Welcome back @emtpchris. The reason you don’t see the sample project start with <!DOCTYPE html> is because it is built in codepen.
Codepen provides the boilerplate template and all people have to do when creating a pen is to put in the HTML code that would go between the body element.
You can read more about codepen from their official documentation

The free version of codepen allows only one project, but an unlimited number of pens. For this reason freeCodeCamp suggests the use of pens to do the projects for the first certification (note that the examples are in pens, and the test suite is also in a pen you can fork)

yes i was wondering about that what is forking for and also how do you both save and delete pens?

Honestly I think there should be a test that the page does not contain the word “Borlaug”