Why is the page-header class not working for my portfolio project?

My code in codepen:

<div class = "container">
<h1 class = "page-header">Portfolio </h1>

The result is simply the “Portfolio” output (with the proper container spacing so I know that Bootstrap is working somewhat).

I have not only ensured that Bootstrap is applied to CSS in the settings, but I’ve gone through the trouble of learning how to get code running in the browser after downloading Bootstrap and it still doesn’t work and give me the border line underneath “Portfolio.”

I’m really frustrated getting tripped up on something so simple so thanks for any input.

Edit: Here’s the link to my codepen: https://codepen.io/MVHagey/pen/RgRGNR?editors=1100

please include a link to your pen, this will help with trouble shooting.

Just linked it, thanks for reminding me.

the .page-header class was dropped for Bootstrap4, which is the version Codepen now uses. You’ll need to add a link to v3.3.7 to use that class

Some more info on the differences here

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