Why is the result undefined?

This is the code

var MixedArrays = ["Hello", 111113.5, "whose are numbers and strings", "on the right is the second bracket", ["thisIsTheSecondBracket", 234.235, "thats a decimal number", 142], "!", "ª", "this is data, in form of a string"];



My question is why [2][1], outputs only one later because I was expecting the whole data. Because [2] will send it to the second bracket and [1] will select 234.235

MixedArrays[2][1] outputs the letter h because you first look up for the third value on the array that is “whose are numbers and strings” and then, in that string, it looks up the second value, the “h”.

If you want to access the first bracket inside your array you should use index 5, which is the position of that array.

Like this `MixedArrays[5][1]; I get undefined?

[2][0] Should return "thisIsTheSecondBracket", but instead it returns "w".

I got it why it works like that.