Why is there not a Video on this?

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Everything is fine… but why is there not a video to teach you how to do this?

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let movieName = "2001: A Space Odyssey";
let numRegex = /change/; // Change this line
let result = movieName.match(numRegex).length;

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Challenge: Match All Numbers

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Making and edit videos for the curriculum is very time consuming. We are always looking for more people to help, so if you are interesting in contributing to the development of the freeCodeCamp curriculum, you can look here: https://contribute.freecodecamp.org/#/


This video was created by Beau of FreeCodeCamp. I simple YouTube Search helped me find it.

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I still dont get it…

What don’t you get exactly?

This I just don’t get, and kind of not Answering my Question…

I thought I had answered your question. Videos are difficult to make. A video tutorial hasn’t been made for this challenge yet. You are welcome to contribute one.

Like I can make one my self and send it to www.freecodecamp.org ?

Yep. That’s why I linked the contributing guide.

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OK? But I had a question… How am I suppose to know how to do Regular Expressions. Is there a video that can help me know it?

I’d start with the video from @razzakammar_nano

Like that is the WHOLE course? Or just an Introduction?

I assume you’ve done the RegEx problems up to this one.

Go ahead and review this one, which teaches you how to use the global flag.

Then, review the instructions on the problem you’re stuck on. It teaches you the shorthand character class for matching digits, \d. If you combine that matcher with the global flag, you’ll be able to “count how many digits are in movie titles” and solve the problem.


OK, Thanks A lot, but I finished, Thanks AnyWay!

It is the whole course, but there are sections within it, find the section you need help with and start from there.