Why is this behaving as a link?

This is my product landing page so far: https://codepen.io/IkeaFlowers/pen/ZEXRgrO

I’ve created a flexbox to display the pricing of products and the text within these flex items is behaving as a link. I don’t understand why.

Help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, @lisalittleindia !
First, u must add a id="header-img" to your img.
Then, add the id="video" to your video, add an id="form" to your form (u must create one), within the form, u must add an <input> field with id="email"
Try now .
(So u must create an id coresponding with user stories, a form, an input with id="email" with HTML validation rules… )


It looks like you forgot to close one of your <a> tags!


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