Why is this recursive function only returning the starting number?

This range is only returning the starting number. why is it that the condition (startNum <= endNum) differs from (startNum - endNum === 0) ?

function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
  if (startNum <= endNum) {
    return [startNum];
  } else {
    let numbers = rangeOfNumbers(startNum + 1, endNum);
    return numbers;

console.log(rangeOfNumbers(6, 9));

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The first number passed into the function is always going to be less than or equal to the second number passed into the function, so startNum <= endNum is always going to be true and thus your function is always going to return [startNum], hence no recursion.

startNum <= endNum is true if startNum is lower or equal to endNum
startNum - endNum === 0 is true if the subtraction is 0, so if startNum and endNum are equal.

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