Why isnt it working?

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var a = 48;
var b = 108;
var c = 33;

// Only modify code below this line

a /= 12;
b /= 4;
c /= 11;

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I get errors that is supposed to give different resulting values and its supposed to use -= which isnt in the question i tried doing it anyway tried different ways of writing the code but then i would get the dont change code above this line error

It’s passing for me.

Try using Chrome.

I am … hold on ill restart and clear cache…

it worked thanks hope it doesn’t continue

Word of advice, though – please consider a topic line that is more relevant to your problem.

"Why isn’t it working?"

This doesn’t really tell us, at the top level, what kind of problem we might be stepping into. Instead, consider something like:

Augmented Division, getting errors, I don’t see the problem

It may not seem like much, but at a quick glance we can skim through the forum titles and be semi-prepared.

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