Why isn't my bacground-image loading?

I made a github repository and saved my images there, now the logo looks ok but my bachground-image: url() doesn’t I have it in my css in the .home-inner class https://codepen.io/CeciPeque/pen/gyQOMV why it’s not working?

oh sorry, it is working now

No problem man keep learning

I’m actually a woman but thanks


Am sorry , take it easy …ya

it’s ok man. XD you win some you lose some.
(this is to funny) XDDD

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hey can you help me figure out why my image is not taking the 100vh that it’s supouse to take? like the full cover background.

can you explain bit more how you want your page to look, i don’t see anything need to be corrected here

it actually looks good in your screen shot but why mine it’s like this?

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I think the name in the url is incorrect :face_with_monocle:, verify that the path is correct :upside_down_face:

there is change View option there click on it and choose full page view

ok I don’t know why mine looks like this but in the full view looks correct, it’s ok I’ll just keep going, thanks man! :wink:

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keep learning more and more never feel bad asking anything that you don’t know , wish you best of Luck long way to go and lot more thing to know
Happy Coding
Woman who code.

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thank you very much.