Why isn't my technical documentation page passing the tests?

I don’t really get why it won’t pass the tests. it has 5 li elements but fails that one…

I think you might need to fix errors in cases #3 and #4 first. If the test suite can’t find your sections then it can’t test them. If it can’t test them, then it can’t pass them.

Good luck

Click on the red tests buttons and it will tell you what is missing.

Core of the issue seems to be the following:

  • Scope and Methods sections do not close as you split them between divs. Move them to ensure the header is what follows per User Story #3.
  • Your section ids do not follow what is requested in User Story #4. You need them to match and replace spaces with underscores. After this fix don’t forget to update the navbar links and possibly names.
  • Lastly, you do not have a media query in your CSS for User Story #15.

Hope that helps! Cheers!

(Edit to fix format issue)

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