Why isn't there a Feedback button or option for challenges

Thanks for making such a great site!
I just wish it had one thing that would really help improve the quality of the websites material and interactivity of those who are trying to learn.

If there was a feedback button dedicated for each challenge instead of having to go to the forum to post, then users could directly give feedback to freecodecamp and updates to the website could be implemented faster.

There have been way too many times where I wanted to write feedback, but the option is really out of the way and not organized for specific challenges. (There are tons of mistakes in phrasing or explanations that could use some editing. Limiting the amount of writing to overwhelm the student is great, but if it doesn’t explain the idea properly than it fails to teach the student. And directions are often contradictory, leaving you to read the requirements to figure out what was being asked.)

Again thank you for all the awesome work you guys do

at one point there was a “Report a bug” button in the challenges, people would go there and report a bug if they weren’t able to solve the challenge immediately even if the challenge has nothing wrong

if you have suggested changes for the challenges you can open a github issue in the github repository, maybe if you have progressed enough you can even make the changes yourself once you have argumented them with other contributors

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I’d be all for a return of a bug/feedback button, long as expectations are set that you won’t necessarily get a reply. Junking the 90% of submissions that are invalid would be a light chore. Making users open up a PR is cumbersome to the point of hostile, the vast majority of users simply won’t do that, and those that do are still less likely to submit a quality PR.

Hmm… you bring up a good point. People will end up giving unrelated feedback from time to time, that is unavoidable.With that being said, I still believe adding a challenge specific “Feedback” option would be an invaluable source for freeCodeCamps.

Maybe seeing where people get confused could be used as inspiration to provide clarity.
(At this point I’m nearing the end of the second certificate. I haven’t become acquainted with git hub yet, but I hope to learn about it as I progress further in the curriculum.)

the curriculum has just been updated considering feedback from users - even if it is “just” on the forum, people are heard

you may go back a little and also notice there are new challenges