-why it does not work ?!

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const result = {
 success: ["max-length", "no-amd", "prefer-arrow-functions"],
 failure: ["no-var", "var-on-top", "linebreak"],
 skipped: ["id-blacklist", "no-dup-keys"]
function makeList(arr) {
 "use strict";

 // Only change code below this line
const  resultDisplayArray=[];
 for(let i=0;i<arr.lenght;i++){
   resultDisplayArray.push(`<li class="text-warning">${arr[i]}</li>`);
 // Only change code above this line

 return resultDisplayArray;

const resultDisplayArray = makeList(result.failure);

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Challenge: Create Strings using Template Literals

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What do you have questions about? What have you tried? What parts do you think you understand? What parts do you think you don’t understand? What steps have you taken to find and solve the problem?

The error message you are getting says:

resultDisplayArray should be an array containing result failure messages.

The first thing I would do is add a console log to display the contents of resultDisplayArray. I think you’ll find that interesting.
Then you have to figure out why the contents are not what you wanted. I’ll give you a hint, you are not finding the “lenght” of the array properly.