Why labels doesn't show on axis?

pen: [ http://codepen.io/ustvarno/pen/pbawYJ?editors=0010 ]

line 208
i got line but text - labels doesn’t. I do same like i do on other projects with axis…
Where is issue?

Your SVG isn’t big enough. You need to make the graph smaller than the SVG container. There is a convention for this that you should learn. Basically, you want to your canvas to be the width and height values you specified on lines 9 and 10, but everything else that receives a height and width parameter should be smaller.

did i understand this article?
i tried before reading article to move this axis with translate to the right, to see if labels will be printed but no success.
Also yes there is different methology in this article for constructing margins for creating good fit axis, but i don’t think that causing labels to not show up?

Also thinks that here better will be to using word padding instead margin, cause we squeez this child in parent
edit: what u think bout this notation for sizes:
line 10-40
pen: [ http://codepen.io/ustvarno/pen/AXyQEy?editors=0010 ]

It’s a convention, not a requirement. You can call it cyborgMurderCow if you’d like. If your notation works for you, then that’s fine. I find your way more difficult to understand and think it’ll be more likely to introduce bugs than Bostock’s convention, though.

sure, it is subjective. But what about second part, for labels doesn’t showing, don’t think transform will cause them to not appear?

It could, but it doesn’t seem to be your problem. It’s not rendering any ticks at all. You may want to take a look at your y axis scale. When you have categories like months, you want to use an ordinal scale, not a linear.

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for now just first and last showed with ordinal… ty