Why my code isn't approved by the checker?

My project of calculator isn’t approved by the checker. The orientation is about the “.” operator and says that:

  1. When the “.” button is clicked the display has to append a “.” to the value in it
  2. One number shouldn’t have two “.”

When you use my calculator it fulfill both exigences. However, my project isn’t approved. Can you say me why?

fCC Calculator – My project link (codepen.io)

Your project isn’t loading. You have to put the react-dom script after the react script in the script load order. Also, you should include the test script.

Open up the browser console (Ctrl + Shift + J) and press the dot two times in a row. You will get a reference error ReferenceError: pass is not defined

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Oh, thank you! I fixed my code :smiley: !

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Congrats on passing all the tests. Happy coding.

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