Why my script tag is not working

I am try make a web page transition animation but I couldn’t do that . Please help me?

Try moving your own script, that actually affects the page, to the end of the body tag.

If your code loads before the DOM, it’s never aware of the DOM. Unless you change it to run on window.load.

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Okay thank you. DOM is work but now I take an error about “Barba.Pjax.start();” . print "Barba is not defined " on console . How can fix that?

Really hard to say anything without seeing your code.

But you have the barba.js script linked to using both a link element and a script element. You just want to load the script using the script element (docs).

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for example I take "Swup is not defined " error in this code and same thing happened Barba.js why this happened