Why my timer isn't passing in requirements to timer 25+5?

I’m doing the last project of Front End Libraries module and it’s completely functional. However, it isn’t passing in fCC requirements. In requirement 8 of the first part it requires a div with “time-left” id and it exists.

If you could check why it isn’t working I would be grateful.
My project’s link

There are two ‘problems’ regarding this requirement:

  1. The test expects 25:00 instead of 25 : 00
  2. When the session length is changed, it expects to see the change reflected in time-left.

So if I load the page, I should see 25:00 (in time-left) and then when I click once on + for session length, it should display 26:00 (in time-left).

It still not wrking… the requirement number 8 of content still being not passed…

You addressed #1, but not #2.

In the image above, I have changed the session length to 27. Instead of 25:00, time-left should now show 27:00.

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