Why Node.js instead of PHP

I found this forum in search for solutions for next build of our retail (tourism and travels) websites.
For everyone who say that PHP is dying, is slow or difficult to debug - I’m afraid you are wrong. From my experience:

  1. Latest PHP version we’ve used on a project - 7.2 with very light framework (CI3.0) helping us develop website - is lightning fast. This site uses MongoDB, MySQL and Algoila for all different type of data.
  2. It’s not difficult to debug - problem is with developers. If you stick to nice MVC, think about structure and give proper variables / classes / method names - peas easy task. Even for complex data manipulation. My first builds - I didn’t take care of above aspects and that’s still causing headaches, but we getting better with it.
  3. It’s far easier to start up a project with PHP. Period. Learning curve of Node.js is longer. And difficult, but don’t take my words for it - I’m old. Think about this as ‘more challenging’.

I’m hoping that Node.js is not some temporary “hype” and won’t end like … I don’t know … flash for example.

Compared to JS where you can use in built browser inspectors to debug, I have never worked out how to debug PHP.
I come from a C# background where it was easy to debug using Visual Studio. Perhaps there is a similar IDE for PHP but I never found one.