Why not freecodcamp collaborate with khanacademy?

Freecodecamp and khanacademy are ones of the biggest and best free and complete platform to learn online I often basculate between both to learn nearly every day. Also, Freecodecamp and khanacademy offer what other “missing” both at least for can complete each other.

Freecodecamp teach computer science and software engineering, and khanacademy teaches math and many other subjects, but khanacademy computer science lessons in my point of view is still underdeveloped comparing to their math classroom.

So why not collaborate with each to create a very wonderful space to learn?

I can’t speak for the leadership, but from my limited perspective…

It’s a matter of focus. KA is good at doing a lot of things shallowly and FCC is trying to do one thing very well. It’s like asking why Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods don’t team up. Dick’s Sporting Goods is soooo much better at doing sports than Walmart, and of course Walmart is so much better at doing all the other department store stuff.

There are also technical problems. And problems in leadership and direction. Don’t you think that the part of Walmart that absorbed the Dick’s Sporting Goods people would gradually lose focus and just revert to what it was at Walmart before?

Well, that’s my (un)informed opinion, anyway. I think there are advantages to keeping things separate. Having generalists is good, but so is having specialists.


I don’t make the decisions around here - this is just my thoughts.

One trend that I have observed with freeCodeCamp over the last 7 years is that they have learned to be careful about how closely they connect with outside sources. All teaching platforms move at a different pace and might remove, change, or replace material at any time. That means that connecting directly to another platform like that makes freeCodeCamp become out of date very quickly. freeCodeCamp does sometimes reach out to educators on other platforms about hosting their videos or articles on the freeCodeCamp YouTube or freeCodeCamp News.

Because of the ever-changing resources out there, one of the best ways to share them is through things like our forum. Hundreds of posts are created here every day and our community is really good at responding to people asking for help with suggestions for the best external resources available at the moment.

tl;dr - I think that including courses on platforms like Khan Academy works better when they are individual recommendations in the moment, rather than being built into a slow-to-update curriculum.


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There are already some great posts on here. :grinning:

freeCodeCamp is building out a new data science curriculum which includes advanced mathematics and machine learning.

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