Why not use the .com extenson for freecodecamp as it is registered?

Because I got a trouble and I remember it was a .com and forum.freecodecamp.com is display a namecheap parked page lol. First time I think the site and forum deleted. After that seen I write .com not .org.


FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization.
It uses .org.

which is more expressive and descriptive than a dot com domain name.

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I think the owner register it from freecodecamp is not hurt to set a redirect to website. Not just got parking! Btw what you say is not a gold standard. :slight_smile:

It redirects for me, are you sure you spelled it correctly?

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Call it standard or not but that’s how most websites choose their main domain name.
It’s the same for a government, university or school websites…etc: they choose a .gov and .edu… for the same reason.

And indeed it doesn’t hurt. It’s beneficial to claim the .com to not allow others from taking advantage of your name, knowing the fact that many people may make a mistake and end up visiting the .com version.

As you may know, because of that, big companies like Google also claim misspelled names such as Gogole, gooogle, etc.
Others like Facebook, claim variations of their own names such as: fb… etc.

As @Lucasl said the .com does redirect you to the .org domain name.
Be sure to write it well.

Yes now it does!

But when I start the post that time displayed namecheap parked page!

OK :stuck_out_tongue: