Why only 89% complete

I am doing beginning HTML (to refresh my skill) and when I run the test, the message always is that the result is only 89% complete. Is this a problem? Why not 100%?

Hello @sabrawer Could you show a pic about it ? or a link ?

I’m assuming that it is 89% of the entire module, not that specific challenge.

It seems to be the particular challenge. The percentage can vary from challenge to challenge but is rarely 100%. Here is a screen shot of the font-family challenge.

I can submit and I get to the next challenge with no problem.

I believe that refers to 77% of the way done with “Basic CSS”.

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I don’t understand what you mean by “77% of the way done”. The next challenge could be 98%, the next one after that 83%, the next one 100%, and so forth. The percentage jumps around with (to me) no obvious pattern. Presumably either there is a coding error or, more likely, there is an algorithm whose details are not obvious.

I don’t know. I’m just pretty sure that that’s what it’s meant to represent. I’m not interested enough to dig in and figure out what it is doing relative to expected behavior. If you feel something needs to be fixed, see if there is already a bug reported on the repo, and if not, add one.

I can’t imagine it’s a bug. I’d just like an explanation.

Hi guys, it’s not a bug. You should check out you are signed or not. Just reload your page if not signed, just sign. It would be reason that your challenges not saved to your account when you completed. So just check all your challenges are they completed as sign checked or not.

the number you see there rapresents your progress in the section. If you see weird numbers maybe your progress is not being saved :thinking:

Hi @sabrawer!
I am not quite sure I understand the problem you are describing. You will get an increase in the percentage-bar for each subsection of the topic you complete. How much the increase is depends on the number of subsections there are in a topic but when you complete the entire topic, the percentage-bar in the picture should reach 100%. In your picture 77% complete refers to the entire topic of “Basic CSS”, but that particular lesson is still 100% completed. The system is trying to display how far you have reached on the long-term goal.
For example: A topic with 20 sebsection/lessons will likely give 5% increase on the percentage-bar for each completed subsection/lesson. If you have completed every lesson except one of them, then you should have 95 % completed. Once you complete the last lesson you should get 100% in the percentage-bar.
If the topic instead have 50 subsections/lessons, you will likely only get 2% increase for each completed lesson. If you have completed every lesson except one of them, then you should have 98 % completed.
Since not all topics have the same number of subsections/lessons, the increase in percentage-bar value may not be the same compared to the last topic you did.
Hope it became clearer, if not then maybe you can try to rephrase or explain your problem based on the feedback the others have given.
Hope it helps.

Thank you SwedishErik and ilenia. Your explanations suffice for me. I just wanted to conceptually understand the numbers.

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