Why prototype properties not printing

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as sir you can see that i have created an object name doggy , in the prevoius challenge it was taught that prototype are used add properties for the object , main focus is to not get code repeated every time . it is used to share properties with all other object created , but i have a doubt here
as i created an object name doggy , so when i print object why not all object all properties are not prrinted why only own properties get printed not prototypes ???

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function Dog(name) {
this.name = name;

// Modify the code below this line
Dog.prototype = {

numLegs: 4,
eat: function() {
  console.log("nom nom nom");
describe: function() {
  console.log("My name is " + this.name);

const doggy = new Dog("german shepherd")


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Challenge: Remember to Set the Constructor Property when Changing the Prototype

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why no reply adminn please explain

This lesson is about, the constructor?
why don’t you have any in your code?
it’s state clearly that
Define the constructor property on the Dog prototype .
this you did not do
thus you will not pass

That is just how it is logged. If you run it in the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J) you can twirl open the object and then open the __proto__ property to see the prototype properties.
You can also log out the __proto__ property console.log(doggy.__proto__).

thanks you so much sir for providing me the solution , i was having a huge doubt , now it is cleared , thanks you so much sir