Why such a massive focus on Bash for the Relational Database course?

The course is extremely good, I am not here to ‘bash’ it :slight_smile: However, there is just this massive focus on bash that makes it feel like it’s 60% about bash, and 40% about SQL/Postgres. Can I ask why this decision was made? AFAIK ORMS are used in real-life applications so less gets done with a bash script in terms of interacting with a database. But am I missing something here?

I think this course specifically has that focus but later courses will use what people have learned in it so they can work on SQL projects.
(I assume you haven’t moved forward to those yet but you can visually see that the following ones become more SQL focused)

I’m at the World Cup Database so I’m about a third of the way through the entire course. I did look ahead to other units that are coming up and they all include a lot of Bash.

I would say that this specific series requires this knowledge to be completed (if that is what you meant by ‘emphasis’. Initially I thought you meant why did the first course in the series teach Bash at all)
I don’t know what are the current statistics on how people interact with DBs but shell scripting is an essential skill for backend-development. (In other words, I don’t see any problem with the emphasis as it is)
Look up ‘essential skills for backend development’ and I’m sure shell scripting will be high up there as well.

I realise shell scripting is important for backend development. My question was why such a heavy emphasis on it for the Relational Database course specifically.