Why the browser doesnt show the space?

Look at my footer, in my code, I have added a space between the word “from” and a link. But in my browser it is tick together, no space.Why is that and most important: how do I fix this?

Hello webdeveloper.

The issue is that HTML compresses all \s characters into one (if they are put together), as well as not taking into account space after your content, so as to allow you to indent your code, without changing your content accidentally.

To fix this: place &nbsp where you want the space. Or, use CSS to pad whichever element (in your case the footer) needs space.

Hope this helps.

You can wrap all the text (including the link) inside the footer inside a single span element to avoid the issue.

You might also just select the link and give it some margin-left.

Side note: if you want to use viewport units for font size you will have to use some kind of calc function to make sure the font size doesn’t get so small, you can read a bit about fluid typography to see some examples. Unless implemented correctly I’d say don’t use viewport units for the font size.

what do you recommend?

Who are you asking, and what are you asking a recommendation for?