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So I want to print first n fibonacci numbers when i run the function fib(n). But in the output, it is returning the nth number twice even though i have provided the condition of i < num in the code below. Example if i run fib(5), the output comes as “1 1 2 3 5 5”.

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function fib(num) {
let arr = [1,1];
for(let i=2; i<num; i++){
  arr[i] = arr[i-1] + arr[i-2];
return arr.join(" ");

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Challenge: Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers

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Why are you adding the nth Fib number twice?

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Sorry didn’t get you here. Can you please elaborate. Has it something to do with my formula for arr[i] ?

This puts the ith Fib number into your array.

This puts the ith Fib number into your array again.

You are using two syntax that both add to your array.

Oh got you. So basically the output of arr[i] = arr[i-1] + arr[i-2]; automatically gets inserted in the arr. I was of the view that once the result comes, it has to be pushed in the chosen array.

Right, that syntax literally says to set the contents of the array at index i

Got it. Thanks a lot mate. :slight_smile:

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