Why there have so much passionate people answer qustion?

I really don’t understand.
I did do some, but I want you guys, talk about this.

You’re not making any sense.


I think the user is asking why are so many passionate people are here answering questions.

I like helping people, at the end of the day I know that I made a difference in someone’s day :slight_smile:

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I like helping people too, but that was awfully written in so many ways.
I wasn’t trying to be mean or sarcastic - I was hoping the poster would clarify. If english is not his/her primary language, Google translate does a wonderful job of it.
In any case, even your interpretation of the question is kinda vague.


I don’t know how to make the description any more clear based off what the author of the thread said, he asked why are there so many people answering questions.

I’m not judging your interpretation - it sounds feasible and you’re probably accurate.
I was referencing the question itself if that’s what it is.
You’re a good person. I’m not patient with vagueness hence my initial response to the poster.

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Well now, this could get quite philosophical. Answers can fall into two categories -“humans are basically good” and “humans are basically selfish”. I think there’s some truth in both. Let’s start with the latter:

Selfish reasons:

  • People like to show off how smart they are (cf. mansplaining, techsplaining, etc.)
  • People like to show off how morally good they are (cf. virtue signaling)
  • People want other people to like them (cf. people pleasing)

Good reasons:

  • Desire to help others
  • Love of teaching
  • Enjoy the community and want to contribute to it
  • Love the subject matter and want to share it with everyone

As you can see, most of the “good reasons” actually correspond pretty closely with the “selfish” ones and vice-versa. IMO that’s because fundamentally selfish (or at best tribalist) motivations can give rise to genuinely good actions under the right circumstances (and culture has a lot to do with this). And I don’t think that’s a cynical point of view -
in fact, at its best, it’s quite beautiful to see it in action (though there’s always that slippery slope into mansplaining/virtue signaling/people pleasing territory). But this is maybe already getting a little off topic.


I contribute because I like helping people and being able to make a difference in people’s days, I also want to give back to the community as it’s helped me a lot.

Don’t forget sheer boredom.

Could you clarify what you mean by that?

@lionel-rowe @anon52159105 You guys have a good spirit - sounds like you fall into the good reasons category.
I generally answer questions in this forum for these reasons:

  1. the subject is interesting to me and I want to be part of the conversation (selfish)
  2. I have the ability to help and that makes me feel good considering my limited knowledge (selfish/good)
  3. I feel like the person needs encouragement (good)
  4. I want to clarify or correct a mistake in the post so there is no misinformation (selfish/good)
  5. I want to make a silly comment (selfish)

The good/selfish thing is really a false dichotomy. Being interested in the subject leads to better/more helpful contributions, thus having a “good” outcome.

Actually, there’s another good (yet selfish) reason - one of the best ways to reinforce something you’ve recently learned is by teaching it to someone else.


Fair enough however I don’t think anyone who answers questions knowingly answers for selfish reasons, almost all people answering legitimately want to help. I’ve noticed a lot of people answer a ton of questions on Stackoverflow in hopes of getting a recruiter interested in them (selfish? maybe but even then they’re making a difference in someone’s day and making the world a better place :slight_smile:)

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@anon52159105 he meant that some percentage of questions are likely answered out of boredom.

Those are good points!

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I guess that’s a good way to pass the time, a lot of the time I answer questions when I need a break from projects/challenges it allows me to keep working but redirects my focus so when I get back to my project I have a new perspective.

  • If you ask people about a subject they are knowledgeable in and care about deeply, they’ll talk about it at exhaustive length.
  • If you want to get good at programming, learning how to explain concepts to someone who doesn’t understand them is important, it makes you a better developer.
  • It feels good to help people.
  • If you can aid those people in getting up a level, there’s shared bonds and knowledge and in-jokes: it’s nice having people who you can talk to.
  • It feels good to feel smart.

This is one of the best reasons I’ve seen in the thread, the more you help people with the concepts the better understanding and memorization you get regarding it.

We help people cuz one day we asked for help


Giving back is important - someone helped us - make sure to pay it forward :slight_smile:

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